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Sir Ken Robinson – TED Talks for Storyleaders

I was asked about my favorite TED talks after I shared one in a recent email. (You are on the newsletter, aren’t you?) I’ll beΒ curating more of these in the newsletter, because you asked for it.

Here’s a great one from Sir Ken Robinson. I’ve admired him for some time and had the pleasure of running into him outside a restaurant recently. Such a nice man. I hope you enjoy his talk on creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.

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Meet Tammy.

Tammy Schuring is the VP, Worldwide Sales & Field Operations, HP Enterprise Data Security

On the year anniversary of our work together, we caught up with Tammy Schuring. We reflected on why she started this project, her experience with Storyleaders, the changes her team experienced, and the results one year later.

Click here to watch view her video story.