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My Stroke of Insight – TED Talks for Storyleaders

This was one of the first TED talks I watched; and it got me hooked on reaching outside my own domain and into a new world of innovative thinkers that were bringing new ideas into the mainstream.

Here she is, a left-brain, neuroscientist, learning to rewire herself and experience the magic of a side of her life/side of her brain that was lying dormant: her right brain.

This is one of the most powerful messages that I have found come through TED and she inspired me to want more. “If we chose to run the deep circuitry of our right hemispheres, the more peace we will project into the world….”

  1. Thank you Ben, I truly enjoyed this TED Talk/Amazing women’s recant of her near death, brought back to life story! This was one I hadn’t seen before and, will share:) Cheers, Michael

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