The Unintended Consequence

This morning, I found inspiration in an unexpected place – my wall, and I was reminded what it is that I stand for.

Why is the Sales Profession so universally disliked?

Through the years, everything has become bits & bytes, process and more process, and systems on top of more systems piled on.  Creativity and imagination have been pushed aside for conformity and uniformity. The unintended consequence has been a robotic, disconnected, downright manipulative experience for everyone involved.

“We’ve become robots, and it’s so unattractive.”

Watch the 1984 Apple commercial below (one more time).

Who are you and what do you stand for?

Is Your Culture Leading Good People to Do Bad Things?

This post will probably get me in trouble…

I had a personal experience that reminded me how two similarly constructed processes can have two completely different results.  Here is how it played out:



Good people in bad cultures can do bad things.

How is it that our profession; the business of selling, is so universally disliked?  Our so-called values: trust, transparency, authenticity and openness, have been shoved aside and dominated by processes, incentives, quotas, results and outcomes.

One of the most inspiring Sales leaders I know has become a close friend.  I’ll never forget Barry kicking off the very first workshop we did together in his company, and him standing in front of his people sharing why we’re doing this work….

What if we take the selling out of sales and just focus on becoming better people? If we do that, by extension, wouldn’t we all become better salespeople?

Ask yourself:

What are your values? If you have a tough time with this one, ask yourself what you would like people to say about you and your organization.

Do you have rituals and discipline that maintain those values? Are we practicing our values in the things we do everyday?  Are we maintaining our values when it comes to the way we act at the end of the quarter?  In our QBRs?  In the way we approach the world?  In how we treat each other?


Episode #5: Building A STORIED Culture

“It takes a tribe…” In this episode, we explore how leaders can either undermine, or enable a connected environment. We examine how Leaders in other fields foster safe environments for their people, to create thriving, winning cultures.  The way we treat each other affects how we treat our customers.

Episode 4: How do we reconcile the old with the new?

We often ask, What separates the best from everyone else? But that’s the conventional thinking and the wrong question. A different way of asking that is: When do we get it right, vs the times we don’t? Here is our latest podcast episode: stories are not a tool in the toolkit, or a sales tactic. That’s not why we tell stories… #PermissionToBeHuman

In this episode, we explore storytelling and story tending as part of the sales process. Why do we tell stories, and is it a tool in the toolbox, a tactic, or is it about something else?