Episode #5: Building A STORIED Culture

“It takes a tribe…” In this episode, we explore how leaders can either undermine, or enable a connected environment. We examine how Leaders in other fields foster safe environments for their people, to create thriving, winning cultures.  The way we treat each other affects how we treat our customers.

Episode 4: How do we reconcile the old with the new?

We often ask, What separates the best from everyone else? But that’s the conventional thinking and the wrong question. A different way of asking that is: When do we get it right, vs the times we don’t? Here is our latest podcast episode: stories are not a tool in the toolkit, or a sales tactic. That’s not why we tell stories… #PermissionToBeHuman

In this episode, we explore storytelling and story tending as part of the sales process. Why do we tell stories, and is it a tool in the toolbox, a tactic, or is it about something else?

Episode 3: Is this just for Sales?

We’re often asked is this for Sales? Leaders? Is this another sales process? Or something else? In this episode, we will explore why we share stories, dispel myths and preconception, and examine the themes/patterns between how we sell, lead, connect, teach, and live. #RedisoveringHumanConnection

Episode 2: Sharing Who We Are

What’s our personal brand? How do I continue to search out my stories? What am I trying to do when I meet someone (i.e. a prospect) for the first time? In this episode, we will share simple, implementable ideas that will help us address those questions.

Episode 1: Just do it

What do I do when I leave the workshop?

In this episode, we will share stories/ideas on how we can continue the journey, bring the magic of the Storyleaders experience outside of the workshop.