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Our Stories Are Who We Are


I had an experience recently where someone didn’t want to tell their story because they were afraid of what people would think.

When I first began working with story, my experience was terrifying. What are people going to think of me? Will I lose my standing in their mind? Will I get too emotional? Will I cross the boundaries? Is it appropriate to share?

Along the way, I realized that the alternative to living with all of who I am limited my ability to live congruent with work, family, and friendships. I began to treat interactions as transactions, as business deals. Most importantly, I noticed what I loved and cherished most moved further and further away from me.

Once I had that insight, there was no turning back. I wanted to be all-in with my life, my family, and my work.

My first step to reclaiming myself was to reclaim my stories. And what I found in my stories, were my values. When I found my values, I rebuilt an all-in way of life. That is a life where all of who I am shows up in what I do.

Is this possible in our professional lives? Yes, and not only is it possible, but businesses thrive when everyone brings all of who they are into their relationships. This is not about selling yourself but giving yourself permission to show up fully.

I created Storyleaders so that there is a place where we can be all-in with ourselves, each other, and the collective missions we’re on.

So what are the stories that make up who you are and inform your values?


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