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Taking off the Armor

I got to know Michael recently. He served in the U.S. Army from 2004 to 2014; the last two years supporting a 12-man Special Forces team and multiple tours in Iraq. Michael just turned 30, sharp looking, soft-spoken, and...

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Join us in Austin Texas!

Public Workshop: ‘All-In Austin’

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Sales Through the Looking Glass

What would it be like to really look in the mirror? I got the perspective of a person we’re all trying to sell to. I had a conversation with the CIO/CTO of Legalzoom. His name is Tracy. I wanted...

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We Got To Figure This Out


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A Courage Epidemic

I was just reminded how courage and leadership are inextricably linked. I was with a CEO last week who stood in front of his company and asked: “Raise your hand if you would do what is right, if you...

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A Shift In Perspective

A colleague of mine, Pablo, left to join me on my mission to bring real human connection into all of our lives. The day he left Salesforce, he didn’t announce his resignation to his boss. He went straight...

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I don’t do PERSONAL

  The beauty, the joy, the love – it is in the personal. To say I don’t do personal is to say I don’t do life. When I follow the thread from the way we attempt to influence others,...

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I’m not F***ing this up

  At Storyleaders, storytelling stands at the center of what we do, but it doesn’t stand alone. Let me share. Storytelling is in the word, and there are many out there that “teach” storytelling. You can take an online...

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Our Stories Are Who We Are

  I had an experience recently where someone didn’t want to tell their story because they were afraid of what people would think. When I first began working with story, my experience was terrifying. What are people going to...

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The Sales Shelf

  I read an article today by a so-called “sales expert”. He had two columns – The Seven Skills That Cannot Be Taught to Salespeople and The Seven Skills That Can Be Taught. The first list is the “unteachables”:...


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