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I don’t do PERSONAL

  The beauty, the joy, the love – it is in the personal. To say I don’t do personal is to say I don’t do life. When I follow the thread from the way we attempt to influence others,...

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I’m not F***ing this up

  At Storyleaders, storytelling stands at the center of what we do, but it doesn’t stand alone. Let me share. Storytelling is in the word, and there are many out there that “teach” storytelling. You can take an online...

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Our Stories Are Who We Are

  I had an experience recently where someone didn’t want to tell their story because they were afraid of what people would think. When I first began working with story, my experience was terrifying. What are people going to...

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The Sales Shelf

  I read an article today by a so-called “sales expert”. He had two columns – The Seven Skills That Cannot Be Taught to Salespeople and The Seven Skills That Can Be Taught. The first list is the “unteachables”:...

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The Socks

Stories are the best tool in a Leaders toolkit. Picture this… I’m maybe 13 or 14 years old, I spend the summer at The John Wooden Basketball Camp. The legendary John Wooden. On the very first morning of the...

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Simple, But Not Easy

I heard the most incredible story about a salesperson, I just had to share it. I guess sometimes in life the most important things that are simple are just not easy.     My client, a VP of Sales,...

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Create Real, Authentic Human Connections

It became transformational for me, not only on a professional level, but personally as well. And when I brought this to my organization, we’ve been connected in a whole new way and our focus on connections has impacted our...

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A Shift In Perspective

Last week, I was having one of “those” days; pissed off, almost feeling like the world was out to get me. Something didn’t go my way & I immediately internalized it as something was taken from me. Know that...

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Taking Off The Mask

  In my book, I share stories about people who have inspired me. The opening story in the book is about John, a leader who I always admired. John was not only the CEO of a big company, but...

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F*** Obama

We all suck at this!!!! #RehumanizingTheElectorate     What I learned from F*** Obama!!!